Case study collection chronic cystitis

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Case study collection chronic cystitis

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Chronic cystitis, such as interstitial cystitis, overactive bladder, chronic recurrent urinary tract infection or radiogenic cystitis represent complex clinical pictures. They are often associated with a damage of the GAG layer and present a challenge with regard to treatment; the diagnosis can be very timeconsuming and longsome. Gepan instill with its natural component chondroitin sulphate is often the

answer for patients after a long-lasting life of suffering. With chondroitin sulphate solution it is possible to rebuild the important GAG layer. Many patients could already benefit from this instillation-therapy:

symptoms were alleviated and an improvement in quality of life can be achieved.

In the present case study collection national and international physicians share their experiences in treating different forms of chronic cystitis. The case studies explain the long and complex process to the diagnosis as well as the therapy and the course of disease.

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